Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition by Program


All amounts per credit hour:

  • Certificate in Christian Leadership: $90
  • Permanent Deacon Diploma: $90
  • Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree: $140
  • Graduate Master’s Degree: $195
  • Post-graduate Doctoral Degree: $300


Scholarships and Scholarship Strategy


Our priority is to train priests and church leaders for the next generation. Ergo, we are not a business; we are a ministry. And like many other schools that are ministry oriented, we operate primarily by gifts, endowments and by the efforts of selfless volunteer work. All our professors, for example, are active professionals – in active ministry and receive only a token stipend for their services to this school. Our tuition is also very low because we have an uncomplicated, physical “brick and mortar” infrastructure to maintain.

And yet tuition can still be a daunting proposition, especially in today’s economy. And therefore we have implemented an aggressive scholarship strategy that seeks to identify scholarship candidates based on 1) academic merit and 2) financial need and 3) ministry potential. Thus a great percentage of our gifts and endowments are returned to the students in terms of scholarships.

Don’t let money keep you from fulfilling your calling. Talk to us. There is a place on the Application Packet where you can tell us that you desire a scholarship. We are all on the same team together. Again, we are not a business. We are a ministry that seeks to train clergy for the Church. We can usually very easily see your academic pedigree and potential from your application. What we cannot easily see is your financial situation. Our scholarship strategy is simple. Scholarships are aggressively given from our resources to make scholars and to advance scholarship and to train clergy for the future of the Church.


Tuition Answers

Students registering for online courses normally pay tuition for those courses during the registration period previous to that Semester.

If desired, students may request to pay tuition in monthly installments.

Students electing to pay tuition in full for their academic program will receive a 10% reduction in the total tuition due.

Candidates for Holy Orders within an Anglican jurisdiction will  receive an additional 10% discount on tuition.

Immediate family members of Faculty and Staff may take courses at the “Certificate” rate ($90/hr)

Please contact the Chief Financial Officer for full details on tuition payment options, financial aid, and all other financial policies and procedures.


  • Application Fee:  none
  • Matriculation Fee: none
  • Transcript Fee (requested in writing): $20