Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program of St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary was established to provide a program in which gifted, motivated and committed scholars can make an original, significant, and valuable academic research contribution to the Church and to the greater academic community. The Doctor of Theology is an academic program that is based upon the successful completion of the required pre-candidacy courses and the subsequent research for a dissertation of ~40,000 words (approximately 160 pages in length) – the equivalent of 33 credit hours). The basic requirements to enter the DTh are a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution and a Master’s degree of at least 36 semester credit hours in a religious discipline. The Doctor of Sacred Theology (STD) is our most rigorous program, requiring a Master’s degree of at least 64 credit hours in a religious discipline.


Basic Procedures


Doctoral candidates should make initial contact with the President of St. Andrew’s in order to discuss their dissertation proposal. ( The candidate is then referred to the Vice President of Doctoral Studies, who meets with the candidate to review, assess and discuss the proposal. If this review process is positive, the candidate is referred to the Academic Dean for assessment in scholarly writing standards. If this assessment process is positive, the student submits his application for admission to St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary as a doctoral candidate. The candidate continues to work with the Academic Dean to complete any required courses and the Doctoral Program Academic Procedures Checklist. When complete, the candidate’s doctoral dissertation is submitted to the Doctoral Review Committee which makes its final recommendation to the President. The President then submits his recommendation to the Board of Trustees, which makes the decision to award the degree.