Academic Programs

St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary is an ecumenical college and seminary that provides the education and practical training you need to serve the Church. Although there are required residency seminars for our ordination program tracks, the bulk of our courses are administered on line, allowing the student to interact with his professor and with the course material from home. The goal of our education methodology is to bring students into a community of scholars – without unnecessary dislocation and cost – in order to equip for ministry and to sharpen  academic and leadership gifts.

SATCS offers programs appropriate for many levels of religious training:

Certificate Programs:


Our certificate programs are 3 credit-hour program modules that are suitable for lay leaders and educators that cover the following areas:

  • New Testament Studies
  • The Church in the Modern World
  • Leadership and Missiology
  • The Koine Conversation

Please see the Certificate Programs Page for detailed descriptions of each program Module.


Continuing Education


Continuing Education is a program that is designed for the experienced minister who wants to return to the academic environment to sharpen his professional skills. The continuing education program is an aggressive, substantial, 9 hour package which is designed to hone a broad range of professional competencies for the priest or pastor or educator. We take a hard look at a mature, integrative, and comprehensive program of continuing spiritual formation. Additionally, we revisit the essentials of Greek – not just for preaching, but for personal study and research, and also we evaluate the proliferation of the many tools, technologies and resources that have been recently developed. Finally, we re-examine the basis of what we are doing as priests and educators in the service of the Church, re-articulating the primary idea of the Church, her sacraments and her holy orders.


Undergraduate Programs:


Designed purely for Highschool graduates, these baccalaureate level courses provide training for both Biblical theology and theological and practical training as a priest of pastor in the Church, depending on your personal educational track.  Learning objectives begin with knowledge and understanding but also include application and analysis.  A Permanent Deacon’s Diploma is also considered an undergraduate track.

  • Bachelor of Sacred Theology (STB)
  • Bachelor of Biblical Theology (BBTh)
  • Permanent Deacon’s Diploma

Graduate Programs:


The main body of students at SATCS are masters and doctoral candidates seeking a deeper training in theology.

Masters Level learning focuses on application, analysis and evaluation, whereas our doctoral candidates focus on giving back to the community of knowledge through primary research.

  • Master of Biblical Theology (MBTh
  • Master of Sacred Theology (STM)
  • Doctor of Theology (DTh)
  • Doctor of Sacred Theology (STD)