How to Apply to St. Andrew’s

  • Write, email or call us to help identify the program that fits your calling
St. Andrew’s Theological College & Seminary
P.O. Box 2379
Poquoson, Virginia 23662
Phone: 757-848-8218
Fax: 757-868-0015 

Email us at

  • If you are a foreign student you must take the TOEFL (or some other approved instrument) before you apply to prove English language proficiency
  • Talk with us to determine what program would best fit your academic or professional need
  • If you are entering a program leading to ordination, obtain the endorsement of your Bishop
  • Download the Admission Application: SATCS Application Packet 2018
  • Submit your application and be accepted.
  • Consult with the Dean of Students about your specific Academic Track to create a personal Academic Plan
  • Register for courses
  • Be prepared for a thorough education and practical training for your parish, for your vocation, and for the mission field.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your First Semester at St. Andrew’s:

Upon admission and matriculation, the student will take two core courses during the first semester. Other courses may be taken at this time, but these courses are required pre-requisites and are designed to prepare/evaluate the student for necessary academic writing and critical thinking skills, and to survey the basics of spiritual formation, focusing upon the spiritual discernment of vocation, as a final, practical review of the student’s academic track and academic plan.

  • Academic Writing and Critical Thinking: IC 400/600 (Undergraduate/Graduate, respectively)
  • Spiritual Formation I: MB 303/503 (Undergraduate/Graduate, respectively)