Administrative FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is St. Andrew’s Accredited? St. Andrew’s has been producing highly qualified educators and ministerial candidates for over forty years for many jurisdictions and is not accredited with any other governmental or religious organization. The primary thrust of St. Andrew’s is to deliver the highest quality of theological and Biblical education at the minimum cost and dislocation to the student. Through aggressive pursuit of distance learning technologies and strategies, St. Andrew’s bypasses much of the expensive, conventional administrative bureaucracy, which is normally passed on to the student through much higher tuition costs.

Is St. Andrew’s affiliated with the Episcopal Church USA? No. Saint Andrew’s is not affiliated with the Episcopal Church USA.

Does St. Andrew’s accept transfer credits from other Bible colleges and seminaries – or accept any other non-traditional credit? Yes, Saint Andrew’s accepts transfer credits from approved institutions. For example, The Institute for Sacred Music is just such an approved institution, with which we have a reciprocal credit accepting agreement. Additionally, St. Andrew’s will also consider awarding credit for acquired life experiences, CLEP examinations, and other appropriate college level examination instruments.

What is an approved institution? An approved institution may be any accredited or unaccredited institution recognized by St. Andrew’s as providing quality Christian education or theological training. Contact Saint Andrew’s directly to determine if the institution(s) that you have attended is/are approved.

How many transfer credits will Saint Andrew’s accept? Each student’s academic portfolio is evaluated individually.

How are distance education courses delivered to the student? Currently, distance education course are delivered by Google Sites. Also on-line class lectures and screen-sharing sessions are delivered by Skype.

Is my Professor available if I need help? Yes. Professors make themselves very accessible via telephone, e-mail, Skype, “Google hangouts” and other networking media.

Can I audit any St. Andrew’s classes to see if I like them? Yes. Generally, we allow prospective students to try out our classes for three weeks before making a decision to sign up for the course. For example, we have a standing offer to try out a sample video conferencing seminar called Greek for Prayer and Preaching. If you would like to try out this sample class, send us an inquiry using the contact us widget.

Can I sign up for any courses with St. Andrew’s without formal admission? Yes. You can be admitted to a certain number of courses in a non-matriculated status, while you are waiting for your admissions application to be reviewed.