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The Very Revd Dr Paul K HubbardI’m going to ask you for money in this letter. Here’s why. My mission, my calling and my passion is to grow St. Andrew’s Theological College and seminary. For over forty years, St. Andrew’s has been led by a small cadre of gifted, mature and experienced theological professors who were personally and selflessly committed to the project of training a new generation of priests and leaders for service to the Church.

But times have changed. Educational technologies have changed. And we have changed too. It is now very clear that the solutions for transmitting the Christian faith to the next generation must be a mix, perhaps even a hybrid, of the conventional and the unconventional – temporary, technological gadgetry and enduring, traditional, non-technological pedagogy. And since our civilization is, at present, perilously fragile, it must begin with comprehensive, sustainable, bottom up solutions – not co-dependent, top down solutions.

Because we don’t want to produce leaders that will merely preside over the collapse of civilization. We want to produce whole cohorts of renaissance-trained young leaders and teachers who will begin colonizing the inner spaces of our eviscerated “post-Christian” culture, to help build a new one now – and not upon its ashes. And we want to do this by giving to these young scholars – not by taking from them. Jesus came to minister to others, not for others to minister to him.

In order to accomplish this mission, we have greatly expanded the staff and faculty of St. Andrew’s. And I want you to know that every single staff and faculty member has agreed to do this pro-bono. Because they believe in the mission of St. Andrew’s. They see the potential. They see the mandate. And they see the opportunity and the responsibility to serve our young people. But as our school grows, and as the student body grows, I will soon be asking more and more from my faculty and staff. And I want to compensate them as much as they need for their time. Because these extremely gifted folks are certainly not in this for the money – or even for the reputation. They are in this thing in order to serve the next generation of Christian leaders. Our goal is to provide the highest quality religious education at the lowest possible cost to the student. So my first practical priority is to properly fund the operating budget of St. Andrew’s. My second priority is to have a scholarship program that is second to none. “For the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children.”

I need your help to do this. It is very awkward for me to ask for money. In five years of leading a missionary church, I’ve never asked for money. I’ve never once talked or preached about money. We don’t even pass around a collection plate in our church. But the project of St. Andrew’s is different. The parish of St. Andrew’s is both national and international. And I must frankly ask for your help. But, you know, begging is a very traditional thing to do. Essentially, St. Andrew’s is a “mendicant order;” that is, we must rely on the gifts of others in order to accomplish our mission. So I want you to consider giving to St. Andrew’s. Perhaps a one-time endowment. Perhaps a gift of recurring financial support. If you can’t give, you can certainly support us in your prayers. And whatever you give, the next generation of religious scholars, teachers and leaders will not forget your gift of love.


Dr Paul K Hubbard
St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary

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